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Inpatient/outpatient experience in general surgery

Specialty: General Surgery

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Where will the rotation take place: The combined inpatient and outpatient experience will take place in Miami, Florida. 

Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM (surgery in the morning and office hours in the afternoon)

What you will do: This is an inpatient and outpatient experience during which you will be under the supervision of a board-certified general surgeon who has been in practice for several decades. Following his medical education and residency training in the Midwest and the Northeast, he returned to Miami to set up his practice. He is on staff at the following hospitals:

  • Aventura Hospital & Medical Center

  • Mount Sinai Medical Center

  • North Shore Medical Center

  • Memorial Regional Hospital (Hollywood)

  • Jackson North Medical Center

  • North Miami Beach Surgical Center

He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) which means that he has been recognized by the American College of Surgeons, the most prestigious professional society for surgeons in the U.S., for his education, training, qualifications, surgical competence, and ethical conduct.

He is known for delivering outstanding patient care that is personalized and patient-centered. He is also a dedicated teacher and mentor to general surgery residents at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center where he is a core faculty member. He routinely has surgical residents in the operating room where he trains them in different surgical procedures. 

During this rotation, you will be able to observe surgeries in the operating room. There may be opportunities to scrub in as the second assistant but the availability of such opportunities will be at the discretion of the preceptor. 

Please note that the bulk of the time spent in this rotation will be in the operating room. However, there will be some afternoons during the week when you will see patients in his office. You will typically accompany the preceptor from room to room largely in an observational role. 

On Wednesday morning, you may be able to attend the Morbidity and Mortality Conference at the hospital. 

​There may be opportunities to participate in projects to improve the practice. Please note that the availability of the project is at the discretion of the preceptor. Students interested in taking part in projects should let the preceptor know early in the rotation. 


​Who should consider this rotation: International medical graduates (IMGs) and students seeking hands-on patient care experience in surgery.​​

Will a letter of recommendation be offered: Yes, assuming that the IMG meets the expectations of the rotation. Dr. Desai will provide the physician with guidelines which will improve the quality of the letter. In some cases, the preceptor may ask the rotator to write a letter of recommendation draft. 


​During the rotation: Our team will be checking in periodically with you to ensure that you are having an optimal experience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions during the rotation.



"Very caring towards patients, shows excellent bedside manners and patient interactions. He is very approachable and friendly, loves to teach. Willing to go out of his way to help students achieve their residency goals within the local community." - Assad "Very kind, accommodating, and easy to work with." - Anastasia "Very friendly and approachable supervisor who gives you the chance to explore various aspects of patient care and gives you the opportunity to focus on specific areas that you would like to further build on and strengthen." - Mariyam "This is a good introduction to clinical experience in the US. You are allowed to see patients independently and then present a synthesized history and plan...This is a great opportunity to build up confidence in meeting and communicating with a diverse population." - Sebastian "Helpful, Cooperative, Down to Earth, Knowledgeable, Hard-working" - Arpan

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