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Want a high USmle step 2 ck score?

MD2B Diagnostic is an innovative service designed to help medical students and graduates reach their Step 2 CK goals. 

Our philosophy is simple: every client is unique and faces unique challenges on their way to achieving their dreams of practicing medicine.

That's why we take a personalized, "white-glove" approach. Dr. Samir Desai and Dr. Ryan Downey construct a powerful, personalized set of recommendations for each client.

Obstacles we can help you overcome

Planning/time management

“I need help getting started. What do I do first? And there’s so much material to cover. I hear so much conflicting advice.” 

low scores

 “I had to retake 2 of my NBME Subject exams during my clerkships. I definitely need a better strategy to prepare for this Step.” 

Studying skills

“When I was studying for my Step 1, I never felt like I was making all the connections I was supposed to be making. What was I doing wrong, and how do I do better on Step 2?”

test anxiety

“I get very anxious when taking

important tests. I tend to freeze

up. It’s so aggravating that I can’t show what I know, especially because my scores really suffer.”

Past failed attempts

“I’m really worried I could fail Step 2 again. I absolutely need to pass this time because multiple attempts look really bad in my specialty.” 


“In my country, our medical board exam is very different, and I took that exam 5 years ago. Thinking about relearning all that just to take a test seems overwhelming.” 

Our team has decades of experience in clinical medicine, educational theory, and test development that has allowed us to understand the factors that separate the highest scorers from all the rest. Our comprehensive diagnostic tool will give you insight into optimizing your learning and preparation for Step 2 CK. 

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