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Housing advice

We have created this page to provide various resources to housing and rental companies that you can use when searching for accommodations. We hope this helps you on your journey in medicine!


Please note that MD2B Connect does not take part in any direct involvement with booking housing. However, once you've identified a place you'd like to stay, we may be able to inform you on the convenience and safety of the location.


This vacation rental site offers are a variety of different accommodations including shared living spaces, entirely private spaces, and hosts who are able to offer various amenities.


This vacation rental site offers stand alone vacation homes and is similar to Airbnb, except it does not offer shared spaces.

bookingcom-logo.png offers a variety of hotels, extended stays, and hostels. 


Rotating Room was created by medical students to help medical students find housing for their away rotations. It is free to inquire about sublets.

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