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Specialty: Pediatrics

MD2B Connect Physician ID # 27


Where will the rotation take place: This combined hands-on rotation will take place approximately 30 miles northwest of downtown Detroit.​

Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM to 3:30 PM; Saturday 9 AM to Noon

Hours have been provided by the preceptor. Hours are subject to change at the preceptor’s discretion, but the minimum total hours will remain approximately the same.


What you will do: You will work with a pediatrician who is well regarded for delivering high quality care to children. He is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Michigan State University. He holds staff appointments at William Beaumont Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, and Huron Valley Hospital. 

He has been involved in teaching pediatric and family medicine residents for nearly 30 years, having taught pediatric trainees from William Beaumont Hospital and Children's Hospital of Michigan as well as family medicine trainees from William Beaumont Hospital, Wayne State University, DMC-Huron Valley Hospital, and Botsford Hospital. He regularly lectures to pediatric residents. You will have opportunities to attend lectures at the hospital. 

When the attending physician has patients in the hospital, students may accompany him for inpatient rounds.

Please note that this is not a shadowing observership. You will be actively involved in patient care. After a few days of observation, you will take on an increasing role in patient care. This includes the following:


  • You will take patient histories.

  • You will perform physical exams under the physician's supervision.

  • You will present patients.

  • You will write progress notes.

  • You will have opportunities to research the literature to answer clinical questions at the point of care.

  • You will be involved in patient education.

  • You will spend time with other healthcare professionals to understand their roles and responsibilities.

As a result of hospital policies, inpatient activities will be more observational. The hands-on component of this rotation will mostly take place in the outpatient setting.

You will receive regular feedback on your performance. 

Please note that is a purely clinical experience. There will be no opportunity to work on projects during this rotation.


Who should consider this rotation: International medical graduates (IMGs) and students seeking hands-on patient care experience in pediatrics. IMGs seeking careers in family medicine will also find this rotation particularly useful. 

Will a letter of recommendation be offered: Yes, assuming that the IMG meets the expectations of the rotation. Dr. Desai will provide the physician with guidelines which will improve the quality of the letter. In some cases, the preceptor may ask the rotator to write a letter of recommendation draft. 

​During the rotation: Our team will be checking in periodically with you to ensure that you are having an optimal experience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions during the rotation.

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"This was a phenomenal pediatrics externship. You get a great deal of autonomy with patients and their caregivers. You see a great depth of common and rare pediatric conditions." - Sapana "The doctor is a wonderful person and an excellent physician. He is kind, approachable and a natural teacher. He is willing to share his medical knowledge with you and to take the necessary time to help you refine your clinical skills so you can be successful. He goes out of his way to provide you with learning opportunities inside and outside of the clinic. For example, I was invited to attend and actively participate in classes he was giving at St. Joseph Hospital. A wonderful and unique opportunity!" - Juan "It is a great experience working with the doctor. The doctor is very friendly and open-minded. He likes to teach and always tries his best to teach us. He really trusted me and gave me a lot of chances to talk to patients independently and he gave me the chance to teach medical students." - Qingqing "This doctor is an excellent choice for all future pediatricians...He is very friendly and patient. His wealth of experience shines through in how he handles his patients, staff and students. He is truly a role model in how doctor- patient relationships are built and maintained. His teaching methods and character has made even students that never liked pediatrics truly consider it as a future career choice. My rotation here has definitely 100% convinced me of why I chose pediatrics as my career choice." - Ken


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