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Over 250,000 aspiring physicians have used our books, consulting services, and rotations to land coveted positions in medical school, residency, and fellowship programs


Even the most dedicated and hard-working applicants encounter obstacles on the path to a career in medicine.


Are you a premedical student hoping to become a doctor? Are you a medical student interested in matching with a competitive specialty or residency program? Are you a resident seeking a coveted fellowship position? Are you an international medical graduate (IMG) seeking an exceptional hands-on U.S. clinical experience?

At MD2B Connect, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome challenges. Led by Dr. Samir Desai, we are known for our passion, our detail, and our commitment to you and your professional goals. 

We will do everything we can to connect you to your place in the world of medicine. Among our greatest joys are receiving phone calls, emails, cards, and notes that say, "I did it. I got in!"


We want to experience that feeling with you. 

IMG Friendly Residency Programs

We've created a FREE resource for IMGs to help them strategically apply to residency programs.

Our IMG Friendly Residency Programs resource offers a range of information about programs from Step Scores to the percentage of residents that are IMGs...and much more!


98% of our applicants Get Into Medical school 



99% of our US MD and DO Residency applicants match

85%-90% of our img  applicants match

Hands-on clinical experiences for IMGs from the most trusted and highest-rated provider of rotations in the U.S.

what people say 

"Dr. Desai, I am convinced that Providence guided me to you because you were THE partner to help make this happen.  Your guidance and expertise were, literally, so fundamental and essential and integral to this process that, even along the way, you were one of my signs that I could keep trying with this endeavor because it just might work out in the end. 


Your level of presence and engagement consistently inspired me to show up fully for this and give it 100%, even when I got tired, because I felt you as my partner were giving it 100%. 


Thank you for truly excelling at what you do, for rising to the challenge of creating an unlikely and unconventional candidacy, for your solid support, and for believing in me.  Because of your investment in me, this success truly is OUR success."

Our Client