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Through his work on the medical school admissions committee, Dr. Desai has gained tremendous experience and knowledge about the factors that lead to success in the admissions process. His determination to share this knowledge widely led him to write the book Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty.


In less than 2 years following its publication, the book reached the top of the best-seller list in its category. Kirkus Reviews wrote that the book is "likely to be found indispensable by readers embarking on the arduous process of applying to medical school."

He is also the author of the Multiple Mini Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty, a resource that has been used by thousands of applicants preparing for health professions MMIs.


He enjoys working with aspiring medical students to help them reach their professional goals. In 2 out of the past 4 years, 100% of his interview coaching clients gained admission to medical school. Learn more about his consulting services

what makes us stanD out

What sets us apart from other services? To begin with, all applicants work directly with Dr. Samir Desai. Dr. Desai is the author of the books The Medical School Interview and Multiple Mini Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty


What happens in an interview coaching session? Dr. Desai works with you to develop answers that are compelling and memorable.


He starts by taking the time to understand your background and your goals, and uses that information to help determine what you can bring to a medical school. He works with you to help develop answers to interview questions.


One of the keys to his approach is helping you tailor your responses to particular medical schools. This is precisely the type of detail that can make all the difference.


To give you an idea of the type of guidance Dr. Desai will provide during your mock interview session (including examples of answers to interview questions), please listen to our podcast episodes below. 


"In the middle of my interview, my interviewer stopped and said, "I wish I could record your answers. Two weeks later, I received my acceptance letter! Thank you, Dr. Desai."

How It Works

Step 1: Purchase the Mock Interview Service.


Step 2: Send a copy of your application materials to us at Let us know where you'll be interviewing, and the type of interview (e.g., traditional, MMI, behavioral). 


Step 3: We will contact you to schedule a date and time for a mock interview with coaching. 


Step 4: Your mock interview will be conducted by Dr. Desai.


Step 5: During the 2-hour phone or Skype interview, Dr. Desai will analyze your answers and show you ways to stand out.


Step 6: You will also have a post-interview phone conversation with Dr. Desai. During this session, you will provide details about your interview experience at the medical school. You'll learn how to communicate with the school in the post-interview period to maximize your chances of admission. You'll also learn how to build upon the experience so that you deliver a winning performance during future interviews.

Free book excerpts

Get an excerpt of The Medical School Interview book and

The Multiple Mini Interview book as well as resources for premedical student success.

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