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"This rotation is very helpful for those wishing to pursue Dermatology or Pathology. The preceptor is a very knowledgeable person who has a day filled with activities, including clinical interactions, microscopic review, and grossing. He is also active with research and is willing to help others get started on one. For those wanting to make an excellent impression for future residency programs, this is a good rotation to get involved in."


"Dr. T is easy to get along, very nice and encouraging. She never said any harsh words to me even though I was quite green and clumsy at the beginning of my rotation. Instead, every time she found I made a progress, she would say something very positive to me to build up my confidence. Dr. T likes teaching. Every time there is something interesting about the case, she would use the opportunity to teach students. A lot of hands on experience. After two days of observation, I started to interview patients, do physical examinations and use EMR."

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"Dr. P is efficient, organized and smart. She gave students enough time for patient encounters, provided timely feedback to me to improve my performance and finished the patient encounter in time. Dr. P is gifted in her ability to connect with patients and families from different cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels."

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"Dr. B was a very kind, respectful and knowledgeable instructor. He will make you feel at ease, and comfortable in his clinic. He is happy to answer any questions you may have."

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"Dr. S is a very knowledgeable, skillful, enthusiastic and caring surgeon. Besides great clinical skills, he has wonderful interpersonal skills to maintain close relationships with patients, colleagues, and people working with him. By working with Dr. S as an international, I have learnt a lot beyond the textbooks, and my mind of understanding surgical practice in the US is greatly opened up."

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"Dr. S is an excellent doctor who has a solid fund of medical knowledge and good bedside manner. She is also a good teacher who enjoys teaching students, asks whether you have any questions, and what else you want to do during the rotation. She is happy to help you achieve your goals."

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"Very caring towards patients, shows excellent bedside manners and patient interactions. He is very approachable and friendly, loves to teach. Willing to go out of his way to help students achieve their residency goals within the local community."

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"Dr. P was a very kind, respectful and knowledgeable instructor. He will make you feel at ease, and comfortable in his clinic. He is happy to answer any questions you may have. He wants you to succeed and do better, and be there to guide you along the way. Great hands on experience and you feel like you are part of his team."

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"I learned a lot from Dr. P and benefited from his mentorship tremendously. His mentorship and guidance helped with other rotations as well. The best externship one could ever ask for!"

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"If someone is interested in Pathology, this is a great rotation.  Dr. T takes great effort in making your rotation a success.  He really cares for students."

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"This rotation is useful for those wishing to get involved with allergy/immunology or for those wanting to work on their clinical skills. The attending is knowledgeable about clinical interactions and will help students make a comfortable transition into clinical practice. Observers can expect to learn a lot throughout the rotation and be comfortable interacting with patients and determining management plans for commonly seen diseases at the end of the rotation."

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"Dr. P is a great teacher. He is compassionate, patient, and always willing to answer any questions you may have."

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"This rotation includes inpatient and outpatient training. As a member of the renal consult team, I was allowed to see the patients myself and write progress (SOAP) notes and consultant notes. Then Dr. M would review and discuss the notes with me. There were lots of patients in ICU we needed to take care was a valuable experience to learn how to care for ICU patients. While following Dr. M’s clinics, I could read the patients’ history and labs, and talk to the patients before Dr. M came in. As an international medical student, it helped me a lot to understand how the medical system runs in the US."

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"This rotation was really good. I got hands-on experience and timely feedback from the physician. And the physician is enthusiastic in teaching. I have learned a lot from him."

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"This rotation is actually the first four weeks of my U.S. clinical experience. Dr. T helped me get familiar with the medical system in the U.S from 0. He is willing to do everything he can to help you."

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"This was a phenomenal pediatrics externship. You get a great deal of autonomy with patients and their caregivers. You see a great depth of common and rare pediatric conditions."

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"This was an outstanding hands-on experience and I got a great deal of autonomy. Dr. M is very kind and knowledgeable with great bedside manner. I have gained a great depth of patient care in longitudinal manner and disease prevention. All the staff in his clinic are nice and helpful."

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