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In conversations we have had with residency applicants, we know that letter writers often ask applicants to draft their own letter of recommendation. Letters are incredibly important factors in the selection process and are likely to take on more importance than ever before due to the USMLE Step 1 now being pass/fail. 


If you lack experience writing such letters, as almost all applicants do, you run the risk of writing a mediocre letter. To avoid this from happening to you, take advantage of our letter of recommendation editing package. With this package, you will receive two powerful letters of recommendation, each carefully developed to complement one another to highlight the qualities and skills that make applicants attractive to residency programs. 


Through this service, we will make sure that key information about you is conveyed to residency programs in the right manner. Program directors are looking for certain words and phrases and, with our service, your letter will be sure to impress. All letters of recommendation are reviewed and edited by Dr. Samir Desai.


How it works


Step 1: Purchase the service from our online store.


Step 2: We will send you a letter of recommendation questionnaire to complete.  These questions are designed to help us identify key content that will make your letter even more compelling. You will complete a separate questionnaire for each letter writer. 


Step 3: Send the completed questionnaire with your CV to us at


Step 4: After we receive this information, we will edit the LOR and then return it to you (all LORs are reviewed and edited by Dr. Samir Desai)


Step 5: We will make revisions as needed until you are satisfied.


Please note that this service includes drafting and editing of two letter of recommendations. 


Questions? Send us an email at

Two LOR Package

  • MD2B Connect believes your satisfaction is extremely important, and offers all customers the opportunity to return Admissions Services within 14 days of order receipt.  To begin the refund process, simply contact us at, and we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. Please note that payment processing fees or costs for services already performed will not be refunded.

  • At MD2B Connect, we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy, and we take steps to maintain the security, integrity, and privacy of any information you share with us. We will not disclose your personally identifiable information to other organizations or entities.

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