To maximize your chances of success, every component of the residency application must stand out. The personal statement is no exception.


In the 2012 NRMP Program Director Survey, 78% of program directors cited the personal statement as a factor in selecting applicants to interview. A powerful and compelling statement can significantly strengthen your application.


Unfortunately, our experience has shown that statements are often bland and lacking impact. This represents a lost opportunity to impress.


Our goal is to partner with you to create a powerful and compelling statement that makes program directors say, "I really want to meet this applicant."


Utilizing the insight and perspective of Dr. Samir Desai, an expert in the residency match process, and the expertise of our Harvard-trained writing team, we will help you reach your professional goals.


How it works


Step 1: Purchase the Service from our online store.


Step 2: Send your personal statement draft (if available but not required) with your CV to us at


Step 3: Your statement will be reviewed in great detail by Dr. Samir Desai. 


Step 4: At this point, the focus will be on making sure the content of your statement includes the key information residency programs are looking for. To create the most compelling content, after Dr. Desai completes his review of your statement, he will send you a list of questions to answer. 


Step 5: Your detailed answers to these questions will be used to ensure the content of your statement makes the most impact.


Step 6: Once the content is finalized, your statement will then be reviewed and edited by one of our writing experts.


Step 7: We will work with you until you are satisfied (no limit on # of revisions).


Questions. Contact us at

Personal Statement Review and Editing Service

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