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Physician ID:




Monday 9 AM to 5 PM; Wednesday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

Hours have been provided by the preceptor. Hours are subject to change at the preceptor’s discretion, but the minimum total hours will remain approximately the same.

Location: Denver

This inpatient and outpatient US clinical experience will take place in Denver, Colorado (approximately 5 miles from downtown).

Inpatient/Outpatient US Clinical Experience in Pediatrics

What you will do:

You will be under the supervision of a board-certified pediatrician who has had many years of experience serving as a clinician-educator. This physician has served as a preceptor for nurse practitioner students and international medical students and graduates. The physician holds a hospital appointment at SCL Health.

The physician has attained the status of Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics which is offered to a select group of pediatricians by the largest professional society of pediatrics. The doctor is highly rated by families for providing a warm and nurturing environment for children and is known as a physician who is professional, responsible, and available to patients.

In the outpatient clinic, you will see patients together with the preceptor. The preceptor will find ways to integrate you into clinical encounters with patients. This may involve observing your interactions with a parent, or your bedside manner with a child, helping you acquire certain examination skills, or sharing important clinical pearls. Among the encounters will be newborn visits, well child exams, vaccination appointments, and growth and development screenings.

Please note that this preceptor has a multicultural patient population. Approximately 50% of patients will be non-English speaking, largely from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia. Of note, the practice also provides care to Ukrainian refugees. Although this will present a language barrier, it is important to take part in clinical experiences with patients that do not speak English as the patient populations served by most pediatric residency programs will include a significant proportion of non-English speakers. Resources to understand how pediatricians can provide culturally and linguistically sensitive care are listed below. Students are encouraged to read these documents prior to starting the rotation.

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Physicians and Patients

The Culturally Competent Pediatrician: Respecting Ethnicity in Your Practice

As many patients will be seen for well child visits, rotators are also encouraged to become familiar with vaccination schedules and developmental milestones:

Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule by Age

CDC’s Developmental Milestones

Students rotating with this physician will also have the opportunity to accompany the doctor for newborn nursery rounds at a local hospital several times per month. Please let the physician know of your interest in visiting the hospital early in the rotation.

During your experience, you will learn the following U.S. medical practices under the preceptor’s supervision:

  • Taking patient histories under supervision.

  • Performing exams under the physician's supervision.

  • Writing notes (although you will not have access to the EMR, the preceptor is open to have you write simulated notes for review and feedback)

  • Researching the literature to answer clinical questions at the point of care.

  • Spending time with other healthcare professionals to understand their roles and responsibilities.

Who should consider this rotation:

International medical graduates (IMGs) and students seeking US clinical experience in pediatrics.

How to obtain a letter of recommendation:

The rotator should ask the preceptor for a LOR near the conclusion of the rotation. Dr. Desai has provided the physician with guidelines about best practices in letter writing that meet residency program requirements. In some cases, the preceptor may ask the rotator to write a letter of recommendation draft.

During the rotation:

Our team will be checking in periodically with you to ensure that you are having an optimal experience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions during the rotation.


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