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We will show you how to stand out on interview day.

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Why Interview Coaching is important

Although the CV, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and other aspects of the application are all of great importance, there is no disputing the fact that the interview is the most critical step of the residency and fellowship application process. 


While the other elements of the application will help you get an interview, your interview performance will strongly influence your ranking.


Surveys of program directors have shown that success in the interview is critical towards landing a position in the program.

Consequences of Poor Interviews

Unfortunately, many qualified applicants lose any chance of matching into programs because of a poor interview. 


In a study of internal medicine residency applicants, one third of the applicants were ranked less favorably following an interview(Gong). In a study of emergency medicine residency programs, with data obtained from 3,800 individual interviews, a total of 14% of interviews resulted in unranked applicants (Martin-Lee).


The conclusion here is that the interview has the potential to destroy your chances. Preparation is critical.

Success starts here

A successful interview is one that moves you higher on the program's rank list to a favorable match position. Successful interviewing requires a considerable amount of preparation.


With our interview coaching service, you'll gain the insight and information you need to shine during your residency or fellowship interview.


You will work directly with Dr. Samir Desai, author of The Successful Match, who has written and lectured extensively about interviewing successfully. He has interviewed hundreds of applicants and is an expert on developing stand-out answers to interview questions based on an applicant's unique background and experiences. 


"I had little hope of matching as I received only one interview. A classmate then referred me to Dr. Desai, who helped me improve my interview skills. I followed his advice and I matched!"

How it Works

Step 1: Purchase the service from our online store.


Step 2: An email will be sent in September with instructions for scheduling (for residency applicants) along with a list of documents to submit to Dr. Desai. 


Step 3: During the 2-hour phone or Skype interview, Dr. Desai will analyze your answers and show you ways to stand out.

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