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MD2B Connect clients are now residents and graduates of residency programs across the United States.

Maximize Your Chances of Matching into Residency 

Our Expertise

US Clinical Experience

The Most Trusted & Highest-Rated Provider of US Clinical Experiences

At MD2B Connect, we offer valuable US clinical experiences to both US and international medical students and graduates.

Document Editing &
Consulting Services

Personalized service for your residency application and interview preparation

We've worked with hundreds of applicants to help them reach their goals of matching into residency by perfecting the most important aspects of their residency application.

What Our Clients Say

Daniela Fawcett

About a week ago, I found out I matched at my #1 choice! And most importantly, I was able to in fact enjoy the journey.  I met Dr. Desai through 2 colleagues (unrelated to each other) that successfully matched (one in neurology and the other one in internal medicine). Both of them HIGHLY recommended him to me. I can't stress enough the level of excellence, professionalism and thoroughness his team have. 

M Sullivan

The MD2BCONNECT team is absolutely fantastic! I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it! I am an older graduated IMG and I matched into residency this year. The entire team was very dedicated and committed to offer a very personalized service. I was grateful when Dr. Desai and team set up a call meeting to get to know me, offer advice and improve my application. All with the utmost integrity and excellence.


Being an IMG, it was not easy to find a rotation. You definitely need to seek guidance from someone who understands the key factors to get a great rotation experience. MD2B Connect cares about every applicant that they work with.  I found this very helpful in getting the right clinical experience. The rotations I did with MD2B Connect really made me a strong applicant. I developed close relationships with my preceptors, which helped me get very strong letters of recommendation, and with that, I matched in my top specialty.

"I did a 4 week rotation with MD2B in Houston last year. The whole process from start to finish was well organized and personalized, which I found to be the best part about the company." 

Our Rotation Process


Explore our US Clinical Experiences by city or specialty. 


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