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Location: Los Angeles

The outpatient US clinical experience will take place in Los Angeles, California. There are two practice locations approximately 40 miles apart. Three days of the week will be in one location and the remaining two days at the other location.

Physician ID:



Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM

Hours have been provided by the preceptor. Hours are subject to change at the preceptor’s discretion, but the minimum total hours will remain approximately the same.

Outpatient US Clinical Experience in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

What you will do:

This is an outpatient experience during which you will be under the supervision of a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician who practices pain medicine. The physician is on staff at Hoag Hospital and Dignity Health.

During this clinical experience, you will see patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal and spinal conditions. On a typical day, approximately 40 patients are seen on average. You will learn how to perform a thorough evaluation of patients, including an appropriate history and exam, to understand the root cause of the pain and assess current mobility and range of motion. The appropriate ordering and interpretation of imaging tests, including x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, will be discussed.

This physician takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of pain using modalities such as physical rehabilitation, lifestyle change, medications, procedu

Who should consider this rotation:

International medical graduates (IMGs) and students seeking US clinical experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

How to obtain a letter of recommendation: undefined

During the rotation:

Our team will be checking in periodically with you to ensure that you are having an optimal experience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions during the rotation.



To start, schedule a free introductory meeting with the MD2B Connect team
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