albuquerque family medicine

OUTPATIENT EXternship IN family medicine

Specialty: Family Medicine

MD2B Connect Physician ID # 50

Where will this rotation take place: This hands-on outpatient rotation will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 


Hours: Tuesday 9 AM to 7 PM; Wednesday 9 AM to 7 PM; Friday 9 AM to 7 PM; Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM


What you will do: This is not a shadowing observership experience. This will be a hands-on rotation. You will be under the supervision of a board-certified family medicine physician who cares for a largely underserved Spanish-speaking population. Most patients in his practice are uninsured and low-income individuals. Please note that this rotation requires fluency in Spanish. 

​He completed his family medicine residency at the University of New Mexico. He is a passionate educator, and is dedicated to helping students reach their professional goals in medicine. He has helped many students from diverse backgrounds achieve their dreams of becoming physicians. 


You will see patients in his office. After a few days of observation, you will take on an increasing role in patient care. You will do the following under supervision:​

  • You will take patient histories.

  • You will perform exams under the physician's supervision.

  • You will present patients.

  • You will write or enter clinic notes.

  • You will research the literature to answer clinical questions at the point of care.

  • You will educate patients.

  • You will teach other team members. Since he has many premedical students working in his office, there are many opportunities to teach.

  • You will spend time with other healthcare professionals (diabetes educator, acupuncturist, homeopathy) in the office to understand their roles and responsibilities.

You will receive regular feedback on your performance. 

Who should consider this rotation: International medical graduates (IMGs) and students seeking hands-on patient care experience in family medicine. 


Will a letter of recommendation be offered: Yes, assuming that the IMG meets the expectations of the rotation. Dr. Desai will provide the physician with guidelines that will improve the quality of the letter.


During the rotation: Our team will be checking in periodically with you to ensure that you are having an optimal experience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions during the rotation.

"The doctor is extremely compassionate, carries an infectious enthusiasm about him at all times, gives patients whatever time they need, typically staying at least three hours past the posted closing hours, is culturally sensitive and knowledgeable regarding his patient population, has a TERRIFIC sense of humor, treated me with respect as an equal, readily admitted his limitations to myself and patients, is always open to new ideas even if it means proving himself wrong, LOVES to teach, encourages his rotator to pursue opportunities to further the rotator’s cause of obtaining residency even if it is during clinic time, is very good at including a motivated rotator in the administration of alternative/traditional therapies including trigger point and myofascial tension release, strives for excellence and constant improvement in himself and in his staff, is very easy to talk to, carries himself with a healthy blend of self-assuredness and humility, and is truly a JOY to work with." - Kaveer


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